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The Origins of Artful Awareness: Part I

This is the story behind Artful Awareness. Two friends with a desire to share beautiful art with the world, and in doing so hopefully inspire people to…feel. To feel whatever it is that is real for you at any given moment. In a culture where altering, numbing, or distracting are all common and accessible forms of changing the way we feel, Artful Awareness invites you to slow down, breathe, and encourage space for beauty and possibly something more in alignment with how you’d like to feel amidst the ups and downs of your daily life. We’re all different. So maybe that feeling you’d like to cultivate will be one of ease, peace, or experiencing a moment of serenity. Whatever it is you’d like to feel, we’d like to introduce you to artwork that helps you return to this intention. The feeling that a painting invokes within you is yours and yours alone, and Artful Awareness asks, what exactly is it that you’re feeling now? How would you like to feel more often? So if a Seamus Berkeley painting elicits something that perchance feels valuable, important, centering, or life-affirming to you, how might you incorporate art as a reminder to tune-in and possibly experience this feeling more often?

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