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OIl painting of a bright yellow and white full moon behind leaves and branches set in a violet evening sky.

Museum quality giclées of this painting available:


Spring approaches at the full Sugar Moon in March, the time for tapping maple trees to harvest the sap that will be boiled into delectable maple syrup. The poem “Sugar Moon” was inspired by the mindful art of Seamus Berkeley, inviting you to contemplate this slow, important turn of the seasons, the change from the depths of winter to heart warming spring sunshine. Berkeley’s mindful artwork inspires us to reflect on the processes of nature that affect every one of us, no matter how urban a life we live. From maple syrup in your pantry to the moon reflecting the passing of time, contemplating our interconnectedness with nature’s cycles and processes can inspire gratitude for the little things in our lives, encouraging us to feel a part of nature, rather than apart from it. Practicing Artful Awareness lies in acknowledging the energy, resources, and people behind enjoying the warm waffle smothered in maple syrup on your breakfast plate. Bon appétit! 

Full Moon II, oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″
Original paintings and prints by Seamus Berkeley

‘Sugar Moon’ a Poem inspired by ‘Full Moon II’

by Robyn Comfort

Full moon in March
Guides them out to the trees
Sunny temperature thaws
People busy as bees

Who ever stops to think
From where it came
The thick, sweet maple sap
Poured on food without shame

Whose conscious is stirred up
Over a pancake or waffle
It’s just a tree
Is it really that awful?

What would Lorax say?
Who speaks for the trees
Worried and pensive
Making thoughtful pleas

Did they pause to thank the tree?
Did they request her permission
She gave her life force away
On this sticky expedition

Is gratitude as sweet
As syrup tapped from the maple?
When do we give thanks
For a common breakfast staple?

Just like Mother
Nursing babe at the breast
She offers herself
To nourish the rest

And the tree still stands tall
Wound heals and recovers
Could you believe all it gives?
Sweet sacrifice to discover

Sugar moon in the sky
So bright and so round How is it for you, moon
Gazing without a sound?

Full moon in March          

Guides them out to the trees          

Sunny temperature thaws          

People busy as bees